In CEL we implement self-coloring process during the molding phase: every chromatic aspect of the processing can be customized to meet the design and project requirements.

In the post-molding, on the other hand, it is possible to choose to customize the products with additional finishing processes (painting, screen printing, pad printing, chrome plating) to enhance the color and to add value to the product. A tailor-made customization that can include the simple application of the logo up to the placement of customized graphics that cover the entire product.

Each finish can be previously agreed to meet the different needs of customers.

Laser machines allow the parts to be marked and customized directly.

It ensures efficient and precise printing such as bar codes, alpha-numeric characters and vector logos.

The experience gained in CEL allows us to provide a silk-screen printing on different plastic materials, always ensuring quality finished products, with clear, precise printing that does not fade over time.

Serigraphy process is supported by the close synergy between design department, production and finishing department, which allows a continuous exchange of information on solvents, paints, thinners and inks to be used to obtain an optimal result on each type of product.

Pad printing is a recommended surface printing process to obtain sharp and very precise prints.

We use a pad engraved with the subject to be “marked” and the process is suitable for use even with complex surfaces.

Furthermore, the personalization by pad printing allows to print various textures on the same component.

Thanks to the collaboration with selected partners we can realize any kind of painting according to the customer’s needs. We can paint both small and big items according to your needs with any color nuance.

The chrome finishing proposed by C.E.L. is made with the aim of lasting over time and maintain a brilliant appearance even if subjected to prolonged use.

CEL also deals with the assembly of plastic components thanks to the help of highly qualified personnel committed not only to care for the correct assembly and for the dimensional check of the parts produced, but above all to the quality of the molded objects and the relative finishes.

During assembly each part is checked by the worker. The production batch is then approved by the supervisor and finally the conformity of the assembly to customer’s requirement is certified by the Quality Control in charge.

Ultrasonic welding

We carry out the ultrasonic welding of plastic materials. That’s a special process that allows to melt the plastic in specific spots using electromagnetic waves and to perfectly weld pieces together.

It is particularly suitable for applications where maximum precision is required in joints and connections.

Hot blade welding

Hot-blade welding allows the plastic materials to be welded by direct contact with a heated and electronically-controlled plate. It is suitable for small and large pieces and for assembling parts from the household and automotive sectors.

Upon request it is possible to quote special finishing processes dedicated to the project’s unique purposes.

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