Plastic moulding

Conventional plastic moulding

Conventional molding is used in the case of molding of single-component plastics.
Always up-to-date, it allows the realization of medium and small thickness artefacts. Traditional molding allows the production of objects with or without metal inserts, with customizable finishes.


Overmolding of metal inserts

The CO-MOLDING allows the production of finished products made of different types of material together. A process that guarantees the highest quality and an excellent aesthetic result.
The efficiency of our latest generation presses allows us to mold together plastics and metal parts, with this process we manufacture products like valves, knobs or gears.
The result is fast processing, which reduces production costs and optimizes production times, in oder to meet the needs of our customers.


Two-component injection molding

The two component-injection molding allows two different plastic materials to be used simultaneously inside the mold.
The production of objects follows well-defined sequences to guarantee an optimized yield of the finished product.
The manufacturing process is simultaneous, which speeds up production while keeping costs down.


Molding with Gas injection technology (GIT)

Assisted gas molding is suitable for the processing of products of any thickness and complex design.
In addition to the shape, in fact, this technology can make different sections even within the same component, thus achieving peculiar design forms.


Metal replacement

Replacing metal alloys with high-performance technopolymers finds endless fields of application: from the automotive industry to thermo-hydraulics, from electronics to mechanics to the food sector, this method allows to improve the aesthetics of the product reducing costs, without diminishing the structural characteristics of the parts produced.


IML Molding

The innovative IML system (in moldlabelling) is a printing process that allows you to customize the product during the injection process by applying the decoration inside the mold. Particularly suitable for all products that require quality printing with high resolution graphics or images, as in the case of food packaging.
The print can be made all-over, completely covering sides of the container for an alluring result.


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