40 years of great successes

Our History

C.E.L. (Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Legnago) was founded in 1978 by 3 partners of an automotive company who decided to move their molding department outside and establish a new company focusing in consulting, designing and molding plastic components to support other companies. The very first plant covered 4500 mq.


The molding department was initially made of 4 thermosetting presses and 4 thermoplastic presses, later the assembly department for the various products was added.


Over the years, the evolution of the production capacity of C.E.L. led to the expansion of the services offered. A new production site dedicated only to assembly and ancillary workings with further 3500 mq was built not far from the old one. In the 90s C.E.L. widened its offer of services and succeeded in winning new customers in the heating, refrigeration, appliance and automotive sectors.


C.E.L. first achieves ISO 9002 certification and then ISO 9001. These certifications guarantee high quality standards for our customers, ensuring safe and reliable products. The commitment of C.E.L. continues with special focus on environmental policy, achieving ISO 14000 certification in 2003.


To cope with the growing number requests from our customers, the founders decided to build a new 12500 m2 covered production facility in the industrial area of San Pietro di Legnago. The new building, hosts both molding and assembly previously located at the two plants, replacing them on a more efficient way.


A complete renewal of the molding department leads to the introduction of new fully electric operated presses.


In line with market technical evolution C.E.L. introduce new IML (In Mold Labelling) molding. These new presses are entirely served by robots, thus increasing the degree of automation of the production chain.


The range of injection presses is further extended with the installation of the new 2000-ton machine. March same year, the services offered to our customers is then expanded with the introduction of the first FIPFG plant – machine that dispenses a bicomponent gasket directly on the piece.

The investments done in these years allowed the company to grow at an exponential rate without losing sight of the primary objective of C.E.L .: satisfying the productive and qualitative needs of its customers.

Finally, we can say, that along these over 40 years of activity, the company’s manufacturing processes have undergone considerable evolution. Thanks to the adoption of advanced molding machines, the implementation of dedicated software and the use of better performing materials, we are now capable of manufacturing increasingly complex products, both in terms of technical content and aesthetic design.

The company is still run by Soave, Finetto and Menegatti families. These families follow the tradition drawn by their fathers and let C.E.L. evolving thanks its process technology and the professional skills of its associates, always keeping in view the rules of business ethics.

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