Design and prototyping


We like to listen to customers’ requests in order to formulate solutions suited to different business needs. We offer a co-design service that allows us to develop your ideas or take action on problems of existing projects.

  • We model pieces and molds in 3D thanks to the most advanced software.
  • We analyze the product to highlight any critical issues with the aid of filling software (Moldflow).
  • We identify the solutions to obtain the ideal model to submit to prototyping.

This preventive analysis of the product allows us to carry out the optimization of the production processes by analyzing all the technical aspects to obtain a quality product.

Maximum customization

We suggest the most suitable materials and solutions for achieving the most satisfactory production

Duration in time

Before production we test the products to ensure maximum durability


We are always looking for the best solution for the design of products that combine functional characteristics with a pleasant tactile and aesthetic performance depending on the sector of use. Only then can we guarantee a product that respects the needs of the customer and its fields of application.

The design includes a consultancy and support service in choosing the most suitable material for its realization, including innovative proposals for results with a strong appeal, which serve as added value to the finished product.

In addition to the best software, CEL’s design department employs highly qualified personnel, who believe in constant updating as a lever to face an increasingly competitive and demanding global market.



The in-house design studio provides technical drawings and prototypes, fundamental tools for an effective product industrialization process.

Through prototypes it is possible to test the object to be manufactured before the construction of the actual mold. In this way it is possible to look for any design issue that has not been identified in the 3D project analysis and this at a stage when they can be easily improved in a virtual environment, ie without having to incur expensive mold modification.

Furthermore the prototypes can be useful to test the market’s response to the launch of a new product: in fact, they are real and effective reproductions of the design. Showing the prototypes at fairs and events the customer can have immediate feedback from the end user.

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